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Watchmaker's tweezers
Excellent watchmaker's tweezers are equipped with an angled tip. This feature makes it much easier to grip even small objects. Advantages: Careful processing for precise work Angled tip for easy gripping of even small objects Versatile use in various areas of application Handy size for convenient handling and flexibility Dimensions: 11.5 cm Material: High-quality stainless steel    

Insulated soldering tweezers
Soldering tweezers insulated for holding tweezers or other tools during watchmaking, jewellery making or repair is an indispensable aid. This tool is also ideal for all soldering work. It provides reliable support for holding tweezers or other fine tools during precise work processes. Whether you are making watches, jewellery or carrying out repairs, this tool makes handling easier and ensures stable work. Advantages: High-quality workmanship for precise work Sturdy holder for tweezers or other tools Enables comfortable handling and stability during work Helpful for watchmaking, jewellery making, repairs and soldering work Compact size for easy handling and flexibility Material: High-quality plastic