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Scalpel holder Blades no. 24 for handle no. 4


Product number: 140047
EAN: 4250550303908
Product information "Scalpel holder Blades no. 24 for handle no. 4"

Scalpel holder box contains 100 individually sterile packed blades no. 24, which fit perfectly with our scalpel handle no. 4. Made from premium carbon steel, these disposable scalpel blades provide an accurate and clean cut. They are designed to be easily attached to the scalpel handle and their individual packaging ensures the highest standards of hygiene.


  • Blades no. 24 made of carbon steel ensure precise and clean cuts
  • Easy handling thanks to perfect fit with our scalpel handle no. 4
  • 100 individually sterile-packed blades guarantee maximum hygiene
  • Disposable design enables easy disposal after use


Contains 100 individually sterile-packed scalpel blades


Properties: Scalpel holder blades no. 24, 1 box (100 pieces)
Area of application: General
Need: Precise cuts
Quality class: High quality
Content: 100 pieces
Reusability: Disposable
Instrument type: Scalpel blades
Figure: No. 24

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