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Excellent Nail Corner File double-sided
Excellent nail corner file double sided offers a better grip at work due to the fluted handle. It is used for filing nail corners.

Excellent Diamond Nail File
Excellent diamond nail file is especially suitable for brittle fingernails. Due to the high-quality diamond coating, the nail is filed gently and does not splinter.

Excellent nail file 15.0 cm, pointed, flat
Länge: 18 cm
Excellent nail file 15.0 cm, pointed, flat is the perfect companion for on the go. The file is very flat and practical and brings every fingernail into a beautiful shape. In addition, the tip of the blade is ideal for cleaning the nails.

Variants from €4.99*
Excellent Sandblade File 17.0 cm
Excellent Sand File 17.0 cm is often used for sensitive and brittle fingernails. This file is very gentle on the nails.