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Automatic tweezers
Thanks to their innovative mechanism, the automatic tweezers make plucking easier. These tweezers have been specially developed to effortlessly grip and remove even the smallest and finest hairs. Their automatic mechanism ensures a precise gripping movement and allows you to work efficiently. Advantages: Innovative automatic mechanism for plucking with less strain Precise gripping and removal of even the smallest hairs High-quality workmanship for efficient work Versatile use in various areas of application Compact size for easy handling and flexibility Dimensions: 10.0 cm Material: Stainless steel

Automatic tweezers Hair plucking tweezers
Automatic tweezers to make plucking hairs easier. With their innovative mechanism, they relieve the hand and enable effortless and precise work. Even the smallest, finest hairs can be easily grasped and removed. Advantages: Innovative mechanism for easier and more precise work Perfectly ground handle edges for effortless removal of the finest hairs Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable handling Stainless material for durability and reliable use Enables precise and detailed plucking for perfect eyebrows Ideal for both professional applications and personal use Compact size for easy handling and control Dimensions: 12.0 cm Material: Stainless steel